The Law Office of Michael D. Moccia, PA can handle all of your business’ litigation and transactional needs.  Business owners have enough to worry about – legal issues shouldn’t be one of those worries.  Hiring an attorney that you can trust to handle all of your business’ needs allows you to focus on your business and not on your legal issues.  In addition to litigation matters, our Firm handles a variety of transactional issues including initial formation, purchase and sale, drafting business agreements, and taking on a new investor or shareholder.  Call us today to see how we can help your business succeed.

Entity Formation

While there are many inexpensive services out there to form your new company, these services are really only appropriate for businesses with one owner and no investors.  As soon as there is a second person added to the mix, there is a need for formation documents that properly define the roles of each shareholder or investor and procedures for working out disputes in the event that the shareholders do not see eye to eye down the road.  Without having detailed formation documents that define these roles and procedures, a great deal of uncertainty is created if there is a dispute.  This can end up making these disputes take a great deal longer and can make them cost a lot more to resolve.  Having an attorney draft your formation documents can help ensure that any disputes down the road are able to be handled in a predictable and efficient manner.  Contact us to discuss your new business venture.

Business Agreements

Our Firm can draft a variety of commercial contracts and agreements including security agreements, bills of sale, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, equipment leases, joint venture agreements, stock purchase agreements, purchase and sale agreements, and a variety of other agreements.  While some contractual relationships will break down due to one party non fulfilling their end of the bargain, there are many others that break down due to a misunderstanding regarding a contract’s terms.  A well drafted agreement should not leave any room for ambiguities or misinterpretation.  Our Firm can draft your business contracts in a manner that fully expresses the intentions of the parties leaving no room for misinterpretation down the road.  Allow our experience to help your Company succeed.

Shareholder Agreements and Operating Agreements

Establishing a successful business involves hard work and the proper planning.  Central to this planning should be a well drafted shareholder agreement or operating agreement.  This document is the basis for the rights, obligations, and procedures of your company.  For an LLC, the document is called an operating agreement while in a corporation, it is called a shareholder agreement.  The purpose of the shareholder or operating agreement is to ensure that there is a set way of dealing with problems when the problem happens to be one of your partners or shareholders.  Our Firm can work with you to create a shareholder or operating agreement that implements a strong foundation for your business that protects against interpersonal squabbles getting in the way of your success.  Call us today to further discuss your Business.


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