The Law Office of Michael D. Moccia, PA provides a full range of litigation representation for both Plaintiffs and Defendants.  We focus on litigation matters including complex commercial litigation matters, real estate litigation, breach of contract matters, shareholder/partner disputes, and business interference matters.  We assist clients in developing the best strategy to collect all damages that may have occurred including the less tangible damages such as loss of goodwill.  Allow our passion for serving our clients to help you achieve your litigation objectives.

Complex Commercial Litigation

Whether in state or federal court, the Law Office of Michael D. Moccia, PA has the experience to handle your commercial litigation matter in a cost-effective manner.  Whether needing to prosecute or defend an action, our Firm provides the personal attention necessary to make sure that all of the relevant details of the case are argued to your advantage.  The unfortunate truth is that if you are in business long enough, you will be sued or need to sue someone else.  Having a law firm that you can trust on your side is an important decision that every company, large or small, needs to make.  Call us today to see how we can meet your Company’s needs.

Breach of Contract

In Florida, a breach of contract lawsuit is one of the most common litigation matters filed.  In most contracts, there are many ways in which the contract can be breached.  While the most common breach is failure to pay money owed, there are usually other provisions that can be breached such as failure to provide goods or services of sufficient quality or not delivering the goods or services on time.  In addition to monetary damages for breach of contract, there are often-times other remedies available such as specific performance which is a court order that orders the other party to perform the contract under penalty of contempt of court.  It can be very frustrating when one side to an agreement does not live up to their bargain.  Allow our experience and diligence to work for you so you can focus on running your business.

Partnership and Shareholder Disputes

Business ventures always start out harmonious with everyone on the same page as to the business’ goals and how it is to be managed.  This harmony does not always last.  Whether the business is a partnership, corporation, or limited liability company, these disputes can quickly become toxic to your business.  The first thing to look at in any shareholder or partner dispute is the entity’s governing documents as these documents may spell out the procedures for resolving the dispute.  Once the legal options are reviewed, a strategy is put together to help our clients achieve the desired outcome in a cost-effective manner.  Call us today to see what your options are.


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